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The work of the GAPPS is done by volunteers, primarily during our Thought Leadership Forums.  These two day events are held three times a year in various parts of the world to facilitate broad global engagement.  At these events, members and their representatives come together to share their ideas, knowledge and experience; to discuss and debate and contribute to a deeper understanding of the management of projects, programs and portfolios.   These are not passive events.  They require active involvement with your peers.

At each session there will be a combination of seasoned veterans, leading practitioners, researchers, and those for whom a GAPPS Thought Leadership Forum is a new experience.  For all it is a stimulating experience.


Everyone has much to learn and contribute and at the end of the three days there is a sense of pride and achievement in having worked hard and produced good results.

The culture of the GAPPS and its Thought Leadership Forums is open, welcoming and engaging.  Over more than ten years of Forums the GAPPS has maintained a spirit of camaraderie and inclusiveness.  There is no room for hidden agendas or the pushing of personal or commercial agendas.  Those who come to  GAPPS come to fight for meaning and shared understanding.


WE HAVE FUN while learning and developing products that are made available free of charge to the entire global community.

Dinners together at the end of each day provide a social dimension and support the strong collaborative culture and work ethic of the GAPPS.  It is part of the GAPPS culture that attendees do not leave until the day after the last day of the Thought Leadership Forum so that we do get a full three days of work and the opportunity to celebrate together the good work we have done before heading home.


- TLF61 Singapore hosted by SPMS

- TLF60 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF59 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF58 Cape Town hosted by PMSA & online

- TLF57 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF56 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF55 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF54 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF53 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF52 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF51 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF50 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF49 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF48 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF47 Online hosted by GAPPS

- TLF46 Sydney Australia hosted by Sydney University

- TLF45 Cabo San Lucas Mexico hosted by GAPPS

- TLF44 Lancaster UK hosted by University of Cumbria

- TLF43 Hungary hosted by Széchenyi István Egyetem University

- TLF42 Indonesia hosted by Interlink

- TLF41 Delft hosted by Delft University of Technology

- TLF40 Vienna hosted by IPMA at Wien University

- TLF39 Singapore hosted by SPM Singapore and University of Social Sciences

- TLF38 London England hosted by APM and London South Bank University

- TLF37 Lisbon Portugal hosted by Autonoma University

- TLF36 Sydney Australia hosted by Sydney University

- TLF35 Lille France hosted by SKEMA 

- TLF34 Manchester United Kingdom hosted by University of Manchester

- WS33 Sydney Australia hosted by USYD

- WS32   Johannesburg hosted by PMSA

- WS31   Tokyo hosted by PMAJ & JICA

- WS30   Dubai hosted by BUiD

- WS29   Edinburgh hosted by Heriot Watt University

- WS28   London hosted by GAPPS

- WS27   Florida hosted by NASA

- WS26   Singapore hosted by SPM

- WS25   Vienna hosted by PM Austria

- WS24   Dubai hosted by BUiD

- WS23   Brisbane hosted by BG Group

- WS22  Montreal hosted by UQAM

- WS21   Cape Town hosted by PMSA

- WS20   Darwin hosted by DoCI

- WS19   High Wycombe(UK) hosted by APMGroup

- WS18   Bali hosted by PTMC & APMX

- WS17   Washington DC hosted by University of Maryland

- WS16   Cranfield hosted by Cranfield University

- WS15   Pretoria hosted by University of Pretoria & PMSA

- WS14   Lille hosted by ESC Lille & SKEMA Business School

- WS13   Tokyo hosted by PMAJ

- WS12   Gold Coast(AU) hosted by Bond University

- WS11   The Hague(NDL) hosted by Shell

- WS10   Shanghai hosted by GPMA

- WS9    Boston hosted by ASAPM

- WS8    Singapore hosted by SPM

- WS7    London hosted by Middlesex University

- WS6    St Petersburg hosted by PSM Consulting

- WS5    Melbourne hosted by IBSA

- WS4    Lille hosted by ESC Lille

- WS3    Cape Town hosted by UCT  & PMSA

- WS2    Sydney hosted by UTS

- WS1    Lille hosted by ESC Lille

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Join in the fun at the next thought leadership forum.

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