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The GAPPS is a unique alliance of government, industry, professional associations, national qualification bodies and training/academic institutions that have been working together since 2003 to help practitioners and organisations make sense of the many standards and certifications available globally to guide the management of projects.  Our primary aim is to facilitate mutual recognition and transferability of project management standards and qualifications by providing the global project management community with a reliable source of comparative information.


GAPPS is the independent reference benchmark for alignment and transportability of standards and qualifications for leadership and management of projects, programs and portfolios.

The GAPPS is driven by informed and experienced volunteers.  Everything we produce is made available, free of charge, for download from our website.

Membership of the GAPPS is open to any organisation that wants to contribute to and benefit from enhanced understanding of resources available for the development and assessment of competence in all aspects of the management and leadership of projects.  Member organisations can guide the work of the GAPPS and have early access to works in progress.  Their representatives can develop their networks, skills and understanding by working with leading international practitioners and academics.

Thought Leadership Forums.

The work of the GAPPS is done by volunteers, primarily during our Thought Leadership Forums.  These events are held throughout the year. We are currently doing virtual meetings but in the past we've met in various parts of the world to facilitate broad global engagement.  At these events, members and their representatives come together to share their ideas, knowledge and experience; to discuss and debate and contribute to a deeper understanding of the management of projects, programs and portfolios.   These are not passive events.  They require active involvement with your peers.

At each session there will be a combination of seasoned veterans, leading practitioners and researchers and those for whom a GAPPS Thought Leadership Forum is a new experience.  For all it is a stimulating experience.  Everyone has much to learn and contribute and at the end of the three days there is a sense of pride and achievement in having worked hard and produced good results.

The culture of the GAPPS and its Thought Leadership Forums is open, welcoming and engaging.  Over more than ten years of Forums the GAPPS has maintained a spirit of camaraderie and inclusiveness.  There is no room for hidden agendas or the pushing of personal or commercial agendas.  Those who come to  GAPPS come to fight for meaning and shared understanding.


WE HAVE FUN while learning and developing products that are made available free of charge to the entire global community.


Active members of GAPPS include Standards & Qualifications Organisations, Project Management Professional Associations, Academic/Training Institutions and Industry. Any organisation public or private can join GAPPS and participate through

  • attending our working sessions,

  • holding mini-GAPPS sessions between global working sessions or

supporting GAPPS between sessions by

  • conducting research,

  • collating information,

  • reviewing or testing our documents and standards, presenting on the work of GAPPS within their organisation or in public forums.

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